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Fritz Oberhummer

"seolobster" stands for Fritz Oberhummer, a Online Marketer and Webdeveloper from Munich - Germany. Currently I work at Expedia Affiliate Network where my focus is set on assisting Online Travel Agencies in order to develop their full potential. Other than work you might find me in the mountains surrounding the Bavarian capital and exploring them up- and downhill. More about me can also be found at (PS: the nick name has been given to me since my last name would translate into "up-lobster"...err, I guess you get the idea ;)

Lost in the dark: how German online banks fail on loans

This post is about the bad experience I had with Santander and Barclays Bank - Image by Glennz (visit him for his great artwork at

Recently I looked into a small loan for re-financing an old credit card debt. Being an Online Marketer naturally one turns to the Internet in order to look for great loan deals online with the added bonus by still being secure by transparency of the big banking brands.

However, the experience was actually quite frighting in parts and so I decided to share with you: if you thought a “Online Kredit” in Germany is a great alternative to your local neighborhood bank you might be in for a great surprise: the feeling is like getting eaten by the paper monster on the left….

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SEO/SEM Strategy Analyst needed – join us!


So you are ready to take your online marketing expertise to the next level? Work with our partners across the globe on exiting SEM/SEO and Inbound marketing projects? Then join us at the Expedia Affiliate Network and become part of one of Expedias fastest growing business units. Find out more at the next page!

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Incomplete Microdata has been around for a while now and finally seems to have established itself as the industry standard for “Semantic SEO“. Besides great things like breadcrumbs, rating stars and reviews the chance to display product prices and availability in SERPs is certainly one of the most interesting features for E-Commerce based websites. Recent changes, especially the marriage with the “GoodRelations” format have brought some new changes though.

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Great content for Google+ within 30 seconds


Google+ is finally starting to become of age and SEOs now haved added Google+Pages to their daily workflow – which obviously can be strenuous at times since it’s quite likely that a lot of your time is already tied up with the other “classic” SEO fields.

In order for you to gain back some of that time I have developed a quick 3-step guide how to maintain and further develop those Plus pages the easy way – so that you can gain back some of that extra needed time  for other SEO stuff!

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Fast, Faster, SEO-fast!

hochgeschwindigkeitsSEO: Speed up your Wordpress Site

Page speed has become a major SEO factor in 2012 and also as a primary factor for user experience of your site: if your site does not load fast enough your potential visitors will be gone in a blink of an eye…Here you will find a guide for the most important Wordpress plugins to put your site “on steroids” and go to full-Warp-SEO speed

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Catch me if you can! Really valuable 404s


What if your are missing out on some really valuable backlinks? And not the ones that you still might have to research, but the ones that already exist and point at your page? In my quick guide you can find an overview how you can find out if you have link power loss through some links gone astray – and how to find out what these links are and what you can do with them in order to boost your site.

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Can websites “buy” their way out of Panda?

Sleepless nights, thanks to Panda!

So Panda is hitting again…and again…and again. And you have to stay up night after night after night to fix the results…*sigh*

Actually, Panda has developed more into a constant cycle where no website can rest assured that it will not be hit next. However, through evaluating OTAs (online travel agent websites) I found some interesting facts how websites escaped some of the Panda frenzy…

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Das Ende der Ranking Abfrage?

Google Plus Search macht Ranking Reports hinfällig? Bildquelle: Glen Jones

Durch “Google Search, plus Your World” werden sich die SERPs wohl komplett verändern, jeder wird Zukünftig seine eigenen Ergebnisse bekommen, je nach Empfehlung von Anderen. Doch wie wirkt sich das auf Ranking Reports aus? Hier dazu mal eine Betrachtung von mir

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Guideline viraler Share/Tweetbait

Viraler Link- und Sharebait (Zeichnung von Glenn Jones)

Panda hat zugeschlagen und viele müssen sich nun überlegen wie sie Traffic aus anderen Quellen bekommen. Ein sehr probates Mittel ist hier ein Linkbait für Soziale Netzwerke, damit die eigene Seite in der Sichtbarket innerhalb dieser ansteigt und man damit eine neue Besucherquelle aufmacht. Hier findet ihr eine kleine Guideline dazu.

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Jr-Jr. Online Marketing Consultant

Lukas Heiss als SEO Jun-Jun Online Marketing Consultant bei blueSummit

Vorsicht, der SEO Nachwuchs ist schon im Anmarsch!

Diese Woche hatten wir mal etwas Abwechslung im Agentur Alltag und hatten den 13-jährigen Lukas bei uns zu Gast, so zusagen als “Junior-Junior Online Marketing Consultant”. Und unsere Arbeit durch die Augen eines Schülers zu sehen kann schon sehr interessant, und manchmal auch sehr erheiternd, sein :)

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