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Setting new standards for travel technoloy

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The pace of evolution in travel technology is staggering: about 6 years ago, when I took up my position at Expedia Partner Solutions (back then called “EAN – Expedia Affiliate Network”), I came into early touch with some of those companies who specialize themselves on building travel technology for third-partners. What initially sounded like an ideal solution on paper for some travel companies stretched thin on tech resources (by simply outsourcing the complex tech development and thus having more resources to focus on Marketing and the customers) was in reality often only a crude operation: interface response times above 10 seconds where more of the norm then the exception, integration builds were often one-off bespoke (thus not scalable), updates very infrequent and costly without knowing the quality of software (for both buyer and provider).

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Why Winding Tree, the “Bitcoin for Travel”, might be flawed…

blockchain for travel: winding tree

Whereas Bitcoin only a few years ago was being laughed at as the currency of some true online nerds, the situation especially with the arrival of Ethereum, the next generation Bitcoin which then additionally holds so called “Smart Contracts” has changed: there is now a myriad of startups banking on this technology and trying to cash in early via “ICOs” (Initial Coin Offerings). Certainly the travel world also is not far behind to jump on that bandwagon and Winding Tree, the Etherium-based Blockchain solution, promises a lot upfront here…

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